Technical Service-Welcome to FERBER

Technical Service-Welcome to   FERBER

Technical Service

FERBER Technical Service
and  Post-Sale Assistance

Problems often arise at the most inconvenient times.
Even if you keep your machines in good condition and maintain them regularly, unexpected downtimes can still occur.
When they happen, you need the rapid intervention of our skilled,
reliable experts to identify and correct the problem as quickly as possible.

Our spare parts guarantee optimum performance and dependability and increase the life time of your investment.
For spare parts please contact our after sales service.
is our aim to ensure you remain competitive and
are always ahead of the competition.
We are therefore committed to a program of continuous further development and maintaining a consistently high level of quality and performance.
In order to keep pace with the rising productivity standards, it is therefore advisable to have the machines inspected from time to time, so that parts can be replaced or conversions made as necessary.